Pinpoint Roadside Assistance

Get the help you need when you need it.

You've got places to be, and the side of the road isn't one of them. That's why Hum gives you 24/7 Pinpoint Roadside Assistance. If one of your tires hits a stray nail, smoke is billowing from under the hood, or you’ve just misplaced your keys — Hum can send help to your exact location.

Now you can

  • Get roadside help 24/7

    Request roadside assistance for flat tires, dead batteries, breakdowns, lockouts, towing, fuel delivery, and more. Roadside service includes up to 4 roadside help requests a year, towing up to 10 miles, and fuel delivery up to 3 gallons where possible.

With Hum, I don't have to worry about getting stranded on the road.
Alice S.

Fraziers Bottom, WV

How it works

Use the Hum App or call Hum Customer Service to request roadside assistance. If you have a Hum Speaker, use the Blue Icon on your speaker to request help.

Pinpoint Roadside Assistance refers only to requests made by calling Hum Customer Service from the Hum Speaker or by calling (800) 711-5800 when the OBD Reader is installed (applicable to Hum+ and Humx only). Hum customers without hardware must use their app or smartphone to request Roadside Assistance. Hum customers can also request via the mobile app to get ETA updates about the RSA service provider. These requests are not “Pinpoint” because they use the phone’s location, and are not tied to the vehicle’s location.

Roadside service includes up to 4 roadside help requests a year, towing up to 10 miles and fuel delivery up to 3 gallons where posible.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is Pinpoint Roadside Assistance

    Through our partner Signature Motor Club, your Hum subscription provides you with push-button access to roadside assistance for a wide range of car problems including flat tires, dead batteries and more. Just press the customer service button on your Hum Speaker. We'll ping your vehicle to determine its GPS location, and then we'll contact a Signature Motor Club roadside assistance provider in your area. You can also submit a roadside assistance request using the Hum App, or by calling Hum Customer Service at (800) 711-5800.

    For more information about roadside assistance, visit hum.com/roadside-assistance.

    Roadside assistance is subject to the Signature Motor Club terms of service, which are available at hum.com/signature-motor-club-terms-of-service.

  • Who can see my Vehicle Location?

    Only a limited number of people can see your Vehicle Location. Hum Customer Service agents can access Vehicle Location information for purposes such as Pinpoint Roadside Assistance, Emergency Assistance and Stolen Vehicle Location Assistance. Additionally, only account holders can view Vehicle Location.

  • When does Hum use my GPS location?

    Hum+ / Humx
    Hum uses GPS for features including Safety Score, Navigation, Vehicle Location, Driving History, Boundary Alerts and Parking Reminders.

    The Safety Score and Navigation features identify your GPS location based on your smartphone. Features including Vehicle Location, Driving History, Pinpoint Roadside Assistance, and Emergency Assistance identify the GPS location of the vehicle where the Hum OBD reader is installed.

    To change how Hum uses your GPS location, you can remove the Hum equipment from your vehicle or edit your smartphone's privacy settings.

    Hum App
    The Hum App uses your GPS location for Safety Score and the Navigation features.


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