Because the road is unpredictable, there’s Hum

Get the connected car system that helps you be ready for the road ahead with automatic vehicle health updates, 24/‍7 help for car trouble, and so much more.

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What is Hum?

Take better care of your car and everyone in it with Hum, the integrated system that assists and empowers drivers. It keeps you aware of your car’s health, can send emergency services if it detects a crash, and has alerts that keep you in the know — no matter who’s driving.

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Hum will soon be integrated with the Google Assistant. See details.

Hum is compatible with most vehicles 1996 and newer.

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What people are saying about Hum

  • I had my Hum for 1 week and I started having issues with my vehicle not wanting to start. Checked my auto health and Hum let me know that my battery was bad. Saved me a trip to my mechanic and being stranded. Thanks Hum.
    Penny M.

    From Charlotte, NC

  • Well I'm a truck guy but I use it for the mechanics mostly. I love the way you can track your vehicle from anywhere. I think using it for a child is the best use possible. Hasn't let me down yet.
    Larry E.

    From Fraziers Bottom, WV

  • I have Hum in my daughter's car, I have it set to text me when there is a problem with the car. Last week her alternator was failing and by the time she called me, I was already in route to her location with parts to get her back on the road.
    Chris P.

    From DeVille, LA