Speed & Boundary Alerts
Speed & Boundary Alerts

Help new drivers learn the rules of the road.

Having newly licensed drivers behind the wheel can be stressful. With Speed & Boundary Alerts, you can hand over the keys with confidence. Hum lets you set a maximum speed and boundary area for your car, and sends you notifications when either is exceeded. It’s a smart way to encourage responsible, safe driving for both new and elderly drivers.


Now you can

  • Encourage safe driving

    Speed Alerts can help you worry less when they take the wheel. Get an alert when your car goes over a certain speed to help your teen driver build trust and avoid driving at unsafe speeds.

  • Stay in the know

    Boundary Alerts can help give you peace of mind while your car is out on the road, no matter who's driving. Set location boundaries and get notified when your car enters or exits those areas.

Very pleased with the information received from Hum regarding any required maintenance on my vehicle. It's also helpful when the driving speed exceeds the limits I set! Keeps my younger drivers in check!