Vehicle Location
Vehicle Location

Find your car(s) from your phone.

Because it’s frustrating to not know where your car is, Hum lets you know in a single tap. So whether you are searching for your car in a stadium parking lot or just not the remembering type, GPS-powered Vehicle Location shows you where your Hum-equipped cars are and where they’re going — in near real time.


Now you can

  • Remember where you parked

    You’ll never need to drop a pin again. Use the app to check your car’s exact location and find your parking spot on the street, at the stadium lot or in a garage.

  • Hand over the keys with confidence

    Feel comfortable with someone else behind the wheel and know that you can use GPS location to find any of your Hum-equipped cars in the event of an emergency or accident.

  • Track your stolen car

    Vehicle Location works alongside another Hum feature, Stolen Vehicle Assistance, to help authorities find your missing or stolen vehicle by connecting them to an agent who can help using near real-time GPS car tracking.

I was able to give the police a play by play on exactly what happened with my vehicle. It was truly a blessing and my whole family is now sold on this device as well as my friends! Way to go Hum for saving my day!
Laura A

From Fraziers Bottom, WV