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Privacy & Security

Who can see my Vehicle Location?

Only a limited number of people can see your Vehicle Location. Hum Customer Service agents can access Vehicle Location information for purposes such as Pinpoint Roadside Assistance, Emergency Assistance and Stolen Vehicle Location Assistance. Additionally, only account holders can view Vehicle Location.

When does Hum use my GPS location?

Hum uses GPS for features including Safety Score, Navigation, Vehicle Location, Driving History, Boundary Alerts and Parking Reminders.

The Safety Score and Navigation features identify your GPS location based on your smartphone. Features including Vehicle Location, Driving History, Pinpoint Roadside Assistance, and Emergency Assistance identify the GPS location of the vehicle where the Hum OBD reader is installed.

To change how Hum uses your GPS location, you can remove the Hum equipment from your vehicle or edit your smartphone's privacy settings.

Hum App
The Hum App uses your GPS location for Safety Score and the Navigation features.

How does Hum keep my data secure?

Keeping your information secure is our top priority. Hum adheres to the Verizon privacy policy. You can view Verizon's privacy policy at verizon.com/about/privacy/full-privacy-policy.

Is my Hum data stored online somewhere?

Yes. Hum is a Verizon cloud-based service. So you can access your data, settings and features when you sign into your Hum account through the Hum App or Hum Customer Portal.

Hum App
No, the data from your free Hum App is only stored on the phone(s) with the Hum App installed.

What are Hum's terms of service?

You can read Hum's terms of service at hum.com/terms-of-service.