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frequently asked questions

set up & installation

How do I activate my hum?

Please click here to download the Quick Start Guide for step by step instructions. Please click here to watch a brief video to begin your activation process.


How do I find the OBD-II port in my vehicle so I can plug in my OBD Reader?

For assistance locating the OBD-II port in your vehicle, visit www.hum.com/port.aspx.


How do I know installation was successful?

Once you have completed the installation and after your first drive, you’ll begin seeing dashboard updates on your app and web portal. Plus, you’ll be ready to set up driver alerts, view your driving history, access vehicle location information and more!

How do I connect my mobile phone and my speaker for Bluetooth® connectivity?

In order to pair your mobile phone with your Speaker, follow these steps: 

  • Start your vehicle 
  • Turn on your mobile phone's Bluetooth® feature and ensure the Hands-Free On/Off switch on the speaker is in the ON position 
  • Press and hold the green Phone Button on the Speaker for approximately five seconds or until the blue light begins to flash
  • Set your phone to search for Bluetooth® devices 
  • Select "hum" from the research results on your phone - then select OK.
  • If prompted for the PIN, enter 0000
  • The flashing blue light will turn solid, indicating your phone has been paired successfully 
  • TIP: For best hands-free calling reception, make sure the speaker is attached to the driver's sun visor or in front of the person speaking, if not the driver. 

What do the blinking indicators mean on my Speaker ?

The Bluetooth® Status LED provides the following indicators:

  • Unlit: Speaker not connected
  • Slow Blinking Blue: Speaker is in pairing mode
  • Solid Blue: Speaker connected

The Battery Status LED provides the following indicators: 

  • Solid Green: Device is fully charged and ready to use 
  • Solid Orange: The speaker is plugged in and charging 
  • Slow Blinking Red: The speaker battery is below 25% and needs to be charged immediately 


What happens if the OBD Reader comes unplugged?

If the OBD Reader comes loose from the plug, simply plug it back in. It will continue to monitor your vehicle. 

My Bluetooth® mobile phone is paired with my Speaker. Why isn't it working?

If your phone is removed from the vehicle, it will lose its Bluetooth® connection with the Speaker. When the phone is returned to the car, it should automatically reconnect with the Speaker. If it doesn’t, go into the Bluetooth® settings on your phone and reconnect.

My Speaker battery isn't charging. What do I do?

You may need to first turn the hands-free on/off button on and then off again to bring the Speaker out of hibernation. Allow two hours to charge up to 75% battery life and about 6 hours to charge 100%when the battery is at zero capacity. (A fully charged Speaker offers approximately six weeks of standby time or 16 hours of hands-free talk time.) You can charge your Speaker in one of two ways: 

  • In your car with the charging cord plugged into the car charger 
  • Indoors with the included micro-USB charging cord 

I plugged in the OBD reader and my car alarm has been going off. What should I do?

The device may interfere with some car alarm systems, whether installed by the dealer or a third-party. If you’ve encountered this problem, please contact hum Customer Service at 800-711-5800.

service functions

How will I receive diagnostic information from hum?

Diagnostic notifications are sent to your dashboard on the website. You also have the option of receiving diagnostic information via text, email or on the hum app.

How do I use the stolen vehicle location feature?

On the hum website, find the Stolen Vehicle feature at the lower left hand side of your dashboard. You will be provided with the steps to take to report your vehicle stolen and help hum to attempt to locate it. When using the app, navigate to the features list to find the Stolen Vehicle feature. 

How do I reach the mechanics hotline?

You can reach the Mechanic’s Hotline by calling hum Customer Service at 800-711-5800. Or, use the Roadside Assistance icon located on the dashboard on the hum app.

subscriptions & payment

How many vehicles can I enroll?

You can enroll up to four vehicles on your hum account. 

How do I give a second driver access to my account?

Secondary users must be invited by a primary user. (Secondary users will only be able to view vehicle information to which they have been granted access.) To do this, the primary user must:

  • Log on to the hum website
  • Go to the "navigation" function 
  • Click on "Users" 
  • Then click on "invite a secondary user."

Once the primary user has completed the form with the secondary user's contact information, an automatic email will be sent to the secondary user's email. The secondary user will be asked to accept and to register at hum.com to complete the process. The primary user will then need to return to the website and click on "Permissions" to give access to the secondary user. 

What happens if I sell or trade in my car?

If you sell or trade in your car, please call hum Customer Service at 800-711-5800 and a hum specialist will assist you in transferring your account to a new vehicle.

How do I manage my bills and payments?

Navigate to the Settings tab on your website dashboard, and then locate the Plans and Billing section. You will be able to manage your account from there.

hum app

Where can I download the hum app?

You may download the hum app on the web at the Apple App Store for Apple products on the iOS platform, or through Google Play for Android-based phones.