Hum by Verizon: Driving Good

Hum believes in what drivers can do. That’s why we make technology that helps keep them on the road with auto health alerts, 24/7 help for car trouble, and so much more.

Who We Work With

Half Pint Heroes

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Half-Pint Heroes started when friends combined their love of training and caring for horses with their passion for doing good in the world. Now, their team of miniature horses brings hope and healing to those in need of a therapeutic visit with an animal. Volunteers drive these "minis" all over the Kansas City area to support children, schools, veterans, and the elderly. At Hum, we believe that the more we can help keep people on the road, the more good people can do.

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Closet 2 Closet

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Amy and Amber spent years in foster care, moving from home to home and frequently losing their belongings. Their experiences showed them just how important age-appropriate, current-trend clothing can be for self-confidence. Together they founded Closet2Closet, a non-profit that creates and delivers custom wardrobes for foster kids in their community. They’ve helped over 3,350 foster kids to date and have big plans to help many more down the road.

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