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  • $9.99 one-time equipment fee (Equipment includes Hum OBD reader & speaker)
  • $20 one-time activation fee and 2-year subscription required*
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Your car — smarter, safer and more connected

Drive smarter with vehicle diagnostics and a certified mechanics hotline. Access roadside and emergency assistance at the push of a button. Find your vehicle's location and set up speed and boundary alerts. You get all this and much more with Hum.

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Verizon Hum your car – smarter, safer and more connected
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    • Smarter
    • Vehicle Diagnostics
    • Maintenance Reminders
    • Mechanics Hotline
    • Safer
    • Pinpoint Roadside Assistance
    • Stolen Vehicle Assistance
    • Emergency Assistance
    • More Connected
    • Vehicle Location
    • Speed Alerts
    • Boundary Alerts
    • Extras
    • Monthly Auto Health Report
    • Driving History
    • Travel & Service Discounts
  • Free shipping
    Equipment includes hum OBD reader & speaker
    $29.99 one-time equipment fee
    $20.00 one-time activation fee
    2-year subscription required

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